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We are three friends from Corfu Greece that share the same passion for motorcycles. Each one of us has a different approach in life and experiences but our common love for the deliberating feeling of riding a motorcycle and wanderlust bind us into this try.

Obia is our creation out of pure love, “meraki” and camaraderie. Obia’s mission is to offer services to our fellow bikers at the same level as what we would like to receive when being away from home. Even our name’s meaning declares that:

Obia (Corfiot dialect): obsession and determination to do things only the way approved

Our lifestyle is all about seeking out the positives, getting excited, and staying uplifted.
An infectious youthful vibe draws us to the ocean and leads us to surf down mountains. It's a spirit and approach to life where fun always comes first.

Enjoy the ride, stay safe!  
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